"You write good stuff but where is the science behind to support it. How can one live in a present? How?? May be meditation. Please help"

The question of "where's the science" requires a mindset shift. Just about everything I share can be realized through self-inquiry, empirical, and I purposely challenge that question because it comes from a view that only physical proof constitutes truth. Which it doesn't, which the ancients have said thousands of years ago and quantum mechanics shows today. My last post I gave some sources for those who need that kind of proof, but ultimately truth is from within first. "Fear" doesn't need a scientific verification, for example. We know when we feel it, and we know when we don't. So I'm after helping people to use their own brains to realize things rather than relying on scientific methods that are by nature limited.


Living in the present needs a mental shift, from outcome dependency to peak performance in the moment, and losing attachment. When we stop being attached to how things are supposed to be, we take action more freely, each moment leading to the next. If we do our best in each moment, eventually we'll get to the outcome we wanted in the first place.

On Needing Scientific Proof

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