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Organizational Life

Fullstack Academy - 2.5 yrs

Software Engineering Boot camp - Edtech

Senior Career Success Coach (Promotion)

  • Recorded & transcribed complete Senior Phase lecture series for YouTube; included captions for accessibility

  •  internal interview team member

  • Supports manager with training & onboarding career success coaches

  • Created & delivered 90-minute Mindset Workshop for Cyber cohort students entering the job search

  • Created & delivered Branding Workshop to 200+ job seeking alums; implemented as part of post-grad Flight curriculum

  • Designed & delivers weekly 45-minute virtual meditation sessions for Fullstack community

  • Originated weekly 1-hour Job Search Alum Q&A sessions for job-seeking alums to crowdsource, connect & idea exchange

  • Supported implementation of 1st Grace Hopper Program Algo Meetup

    • Coached 100+ alums to secure jobs during current tenure

ParentJobNet - 7 months

Nonprofit Org. Supporting Career Skills for Parents - Professional Development

Career Counselor

  • Performed resume reviews & creation with clients needing skill improvement

  • Co-hosted career fairs with counseling team

  •  Wrote for the PJN Newsletter

EDMC / The Art Institute of NYC - 5 yrs

Fashion Design & MKT | Film | Interior Design

Career Services Advisor (Promotion)

  • Student Affairs + Employment Relations + Social Media + Event Planning

  • Lead advisor for Student Employment Roundtable

  • Executed 1st Walk-2-Work Program

  • 1st advisor to rep campus at military career fair

  • Initiated 1st self-defense workshops on campus

  • Coached students to develop 800+ docs: resumes, cover letters, notes

  • 90+ classroom presentations on interview skills, professional development social media within 2 yrs

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