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"I was lucky and pleased to meet Trent at The Assemblage at a challenging time in my career. He has accompanied me with inspirational advice and conversations. I admire his professionalism and dedication in everything he does. A great talent and an enlightened person!" - Marilia Barbosa, Journalist, Beauty Researcher

"In a word Trent is brilliant. He is a rare combination of what few if any can master, intelligence, wisdom and spirit. His depth of knowledge in education design that incorporates the soft sciences puts Trent in a class by himself. He can synthesize complex information and deliver material that is easy to understand and to apply. If you are tired of recycled methods that don’t net results, investigate Trent’s work, it applies to both the academic and business sectors. I consider it a privilege to call Trent a colleague and most of all a dear friend." - Paula Parker, Business Alchemist

"Trent is an intuitive mastermind who has cultivated a refined practice through the integration of years of experiential, ancient, and classical study.  His knowledge transcends the limits of the mind and exemplifies the divine embodiment of wisdom so many of us are yearning for.  I'm inspired by his ability to dance through the divine masculine and feminine, his integrity, and his keen perception.  He's one of very few who has and continues to chip away at the egoic layers in his personal psyche, fortifying his presence in the world.  He's a colleague, friend, and a mentor/teacher, whom I'm grateful for!" - C. Armendariz, Artist, Tantrika, Founder of Hereness

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