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Book Stacks

"What one won't eat by itself, one will eat when mixed with other food." - Bantu Proverb

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I've been a reader for decades, an inevitable habit when the soul is hungry for knowledge.

Eventually, I became a deliberate book collector and curator, investing time to meticulously amass tomes that can nourish the various curiosities.


Often I find myself in conversation with friends and others about subjects directly related to these titles and end up sharing the sources.

What is a Book Stack?

A distinction here is the idea that books can be combined, or "stacked" in ways that develop one's mind into more of a lush forest, compared to single-subject reading that may rear just a few strong trees.

While specialists will always have an important space in our world, the emerging era is calling for more people who can think multidisciplinary. Fertile minds that can make connections across domains. Radiant intellectual synergy.

This is a collection of what I call Book Stacks, sourcing from my personal collection of physical books (E-books not included). Some are well-known. Most are either unique finds or simply difficult to find. 


I categorized the titles not based on genre but the potential learning they can provide. When 1 or 2 or 4 are considered together, the growth potential amplifies. You can take 1 book from one stack and read it with 2 from another based on interest. Seeing the list may inspire you to build your own Book Stacks. Go for it. 

Note: This downloadable list is a portion of my collection. Just as there are degrees of unfoldment in any school, there's knowledge that must be graduated to before accessing. Those I reserve for sharing individually and if the timing is right.

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