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Org. Life

What's the value of Organizational life? It's where we can learn how to serve, collaborate and offer value and excel in a unified way, towards a singular mission. 

Whether you work in another's organization or operate your own, the principles behind value, serving, development and interdependence are universal.

Here you'll find my career artifacts. PDFs describing my notable company contributions.

As a living page, more will be added with time. Click the link to view and download.

Resume upon request.

Recommendations upon request.

Modern Workspace

Artifacts: Leadership

Fullstack Academy - 2018 - 2023 

Career Coach Training Deck 

Day 1 Week 1

Asynchronous Team Culture


Audio Debriefs

Future Code

Team Support


Team Culture

Career Compass

AIO & +Vibe

Essay Rubric Creation

Artifacts: Workshop Facilitation

Fullstack Academy - 2018 - 2023 

Career Exploration Events

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