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“Trent’s listening ear, highly intuitive nature and his ability to intelligently observe, makes his coaching prowess warm and nurturing plus pragmatic and savvy.  He is a master of the mind.”

- Melani Tankel, Owner & Creator, Plant Your Base

"Trent is an experienced and effective mentor/tutor who helps both individuals and groups with their career development skills. I regularly invite Trent to speak to my classes because he offers practical and helpful advice for my students. He's extremely knowledgeable in mentoring them to become better interviewees, effective resume and cover letters writers, and attractive potential employees. - John T. Miller, Professor


"Trent is a very detailed individual who has a passion for education (inside/outside of the classroom) and shares this with everyone he comes in contact with. He is forward thinker and committed to his work. Any organization would be lucky to have him as part of their team." — Jasmine Lynch, Enrollment Advisor


“I should tell you I think you’d be an extraordinary writer/journalist. You have cultural comprehensiveness which is rather rare in today’s world, as well as a gift for lyricism, a dogged determination and a refreshingly open-minded intellect. Those qualities are indispensable in a writer. (As you might have deduced, I’m rather prejudiced in favor of the literary arts; all my heroes are writers.) I’d love to see you in the journalism program, as a minor or major – but you might also want to consider creative writing. I think you can compete, pretty much, on any word terrain. Just one man’s opinion. Finally, since I’m in an advice-dispensing kind of mood this morning, let me just add this reminder (because I know you know this already): A person of your intellectual gifts can easily coast, setting average goals and ticking them off with relative ease. Beware the temptation to settle. – J. Broderick, Creative Writing Professor


"Trent is a professional mentor and helps to guide in good business practice and decision-making." — Asia Bond, Former Student


"Trent Rhodes and I studied together in the Coaching for Transformation 2011 Cohort. We came together on a regular basis over a nine month period putting into practice the principles and skills we were learning. We have been in touch at different times since then. Trent impressed me with his transparency and integrity. Over the months it was obvious Trent's character was disciplined by his vision to find or help create a community of individuals to help evolve consciousness. I consistently found Trent's participation valuable as it helped me realign with my own life mission. Trent stood out as an individual in the group with outstanding life coaching skills and an open heart to meet everyone where they were at. Trent has many other attributes including but not limited to: articulate speaker, excellent physically fitness and original thinking. Please do not hesitate to contact me for more information or references. Sincerely Lawrence Carroll" — Lawrence Carroll, Student, Coaching for Transformation


“Trent, you have the most potentiality for greatness of almost everyone I’ve met. Use it to make the world even more amazing than it is. Thank you for the experience of being in your thoughtful brilliance.” – Jen R.


"He is the best life coach, adviser, good at teaching and explaining from top to bottom of any preferred subject brought up to be discussed or to know well about at any given time. You don't have to worry about your personal life story reaching out to any other person because he's very confidential at it so try him and you will never doubt whatever you read about this young guy i just said forever. I approve of him to anyone in need of trying to make to the very top in educationally, without any complains and looking backs, Mr. Trent Rhodes is the one you might be looking for to help you push you in a very natural way to reach your goals and objectives in your life, i just know that he's a God sent very gifted. Remember, many are called, but few are chosen."

- Andrews Tieku, was Trent's client


"Trent is a wonderful hardworking professional. There is so much you can learn from him. He would be an asset for any company." — Monica Triana, Student Services Coordinator


"During my tenure at The University Of Phoenix, Trent was detailed oriented, and an enrollment counselor who was an expert in time management. Trent is always the professional, while making those he comes in contact with, feel at ease with his conversational yet direct style of communication. He would be an asset to anyone's organization." - Michael L. Johnson, Enrollment Advisor


"Trent is a hardworking, focused, driven, motivated and unique individual. Working with him has been a pleasure. He's always willing to extend a helping hand or give sound advice. His charisma, authenticity and humility is evident in his personal and business relationships, as well as in his accomplishments. His gentle, yet confident spirit empowers him to interact well with others and maintain wonderful relationships with those fortunate enough to work with him. I am very confident that he will continue to perform with a great level of ambition, efficiency and precision." - Neasha Clarke, Former Student


“I am happy to see how you have grown. You have always found a way to peak my curiosity with the thought provoking remarks you shared. The place where your mind and heart meet are truly something to marvel. Keep in touch. Peace.” – Chris


"Trent is an excellent colleague to work with. It is a pleasure to have known Trent as a colleague, and mentor at the University of Phoenix administrative faculty. As a resource specialist Trent has gone above and beyond his line of duty to ensure that students are assisted in their areas of need when it comes to students’ resources and aid. There have been instances where Trent not only assisted with academic resources; he followed up with support services. Even when it was outside his area of specialty, Trent ensured that the student obtained the technical support required. Trent is extensively knowledgeable in his administrative field of work, he is a definite asset to any organization and I highly recommend him." - Moia Perez, Former Student


“Trent Rhodes is one of the most brilliant and knowledgeable people I have had to pleasure to meet with in recent years while attending University of Phoenix. Trent knows how to turn a vision into practical improvements. He is an expert who focuses on the measurement and improvement of human traits and organizations, with an excellent track record of accomplishment, that makes him a truly outstanding person. If you are looking to connect with a visionary leader whose attentive eye seeks the smallest detail, don’t look further I recommend Trent Rhodes without hesitation for complex initiatives involving diverse stakeholders with complicated information needs." — Pablo Yoachin, Former Student


I have worked closely with Trent in an academic setting in which he demonstrated a high level of creativity and professionalism. His integrity, commitment to high standards, and consistent excellence in work are trademarks of which he is as person and a professional." — Ewa Schmitz, Campus College Chair, School of Business & IS&T


“As an administrator, I am constantly bombarded with Black men on campus who constantly portray a sub-par image for themselves. I try to provide an example for them to follow but often it is more helpful if one of their peers is that example. I wish I could take you with me and show your style, intelligence and sophistication to these men. I’m sure they would step their game up. I admire your dedication. We need more men like you in our colleges and our fraternities (shameless plug!)"  - PTO


"A superhuman masters his flaws so perfectly that people thinks he is perfect. Helping others is one of his priorities even if it costs only an advice. Being careless is not an option. He has many skills (or should I say powers), which attract a lot of people, and may cause jealousy or even hatred among others. He aims for what appears impossible for most people. However, just as any Human he can’t please everyone, has a heart and has pretty much experienced a lot of struggle as much as success. He has needs and desires; He loves, laugh, fears, hurts just like any other human. It’s his capacity of overcoming his feelings and also his strength of staying positive, having that contagious enthusiasm of living, beside, what’s going on in his own life, and still have time to care for others that makes him superhuman.

Google definition: having or showing exceptional ability or powers." - Christina


"Trent I found always to be a remarkable leader among staff and students at the University of Phoenix. In our combined activities I found him professional, organized, and an excellent communicator. Trent being the leader that he is - he maintained a positive and energized environment, which encourage productivity. I highly recommend Trent for your organization." — Matthew Danis, MBA, PMP, Account Manager/Project Assistant


"Trent Rhodes is a hardworking individual with superb critical thinking skills. His leadership was essential to providing our Students with a superior brand experience. His professionalism and willingness to share his knowledge are characteristics that make him outstanding." — Titus Ash, Regional Account Advisor


"Trent is a very hard working Student Resource Specialist. He interacts very well with students and colleagues. He is very responsive to the needs of students and colleagues. He is very easy to work with and has a very positive attitude." — Shari Salkin, National Account Advisor


"I know Trent from our Coaching Training program and he calls my attention for his short and wise ideas and comments during the class. Also, we had the chance to work together several times and Trent always was present hearing my story and giving me a lovely suggestion from his hear. That's how I remember my caring and professional Trent!" — Martha Navas, Expert in Latin American Markets, Spiritual Coach and Meditation Teacher


“To my fellow INTJ, Trent. I’m really glad I had the opportunity to get to know you one-on-one. Turns out, we have more in common than I thought. It’s comforting that the world is at the mercy (?) of other such great and powerful and competent minds. Hopefully, we’ll be able to further develop our psychic powers and manifest our visions for a greater reality. To one of the most awesome and engaging personalities I’ve ever had the pleasure to interact with, I yield to you. Yours in a shared interest for leadership and the pursuit of knowledge.” – Mark


"Trent Rhodes is an excellent person. His excellence is demonstrated in a consistency of high-level work ethics that complement my work as an instructor, a caring and compassionate presence in the learning community, and refreshing intellectual conversations that we have had on so many occasions. Trent is indeed a model of excellence to students, faculty, and other administrators." — Marjorie Williams-Cooper, Lead Faculty-Adjunct


“You certainly are my ‘angel’ here. Thank you for my readings.” – Ayeje


"It is said that the birth of a child is a sign that God hasn't given up on the world. Well, the work of a young man like Trent is a sign that intelligently-driven hard work, ability to take direction, and a constant desire for learning and improvement have not left the workforce. Cheerful, polite, honest, and team focused are some of the terms that describe him; I recommend him without reservation." — Tom Schmidt, Campus College Chairman


"My working relationship with Trent Rhodes was brief, but no less enlightening for that. During the time we worked together, I saw him devote considerable time and resources to our students at the University of Phoenix. I was equally impressed that, in an industry that could be as competitive as for- profit higher education, he was just as willing to devote himself to his colleagues' well-being and personal development. In the time since we've worked together, I've gotten to see another side of Trent, and have come to understand where his mindset comes from. He has devoted himself to learning -- formally and informally -- with single-minded enthusiasm that he's more than willing to share with colleagues, friends, and strangers alike. His kindness, innate curiosity, helpful nature, and methodical approach to problems both individual and organizational can only be to your benefit. Trent is the kind of person who strengthens the team not only by his own contributions, but by bringing out the best in his collaborators. That, to my mind, is not something to be taken for granted. Sincerely, Paul Bogan The First 10,000 Writer/Editor/Photographer"


"My experience working with Trent Rhodes was a wonderful one. Trent will represent any business professionally as he models strong ethics, extensive knowledge, and leadership qualities. Many advisors and managers would seek his professional advice and guidance on a regular basis. Students would often converse with Trent and confide in him their deepest fears and concerns. Furthermore, Trent was detail oriented, handled various responsibilities with ease, and was prompt with follow-up. In addition to extensive skills, his communication can be described as articulate and his demeanor is consistently polished and professional. Trent is truly an asset to any employer valuing a diligent and sagacious team player." — Molly Chamberlain, M.Ed.,P.D.


"Trent Rhodes is a charismatic Professor and leader. His encouragement can enable anyone to dissolve barriers that are preventing them from success. His understanding of knowledge and his intelligence is extraordinary. I recommended anyone who needs tutorial in any subject to seek Professor Rhodes assistance." — Kamei Harris, Administrative Assistant


"Trent is a great leader and communicator, his intelligence is only rivaled by his level of coolness. I believe that Trent can accomplish anything he puts his mind to, his willingness to help those in need is one of his best qualities. I think that Trent do great as a C.E.O., as well as the head of his own Empire. If I was the owner of a large corporation I would hire him immediately and have him on my board of directors." — Steven Canales, Former Student


"Trent is a great individual whom wants to see other succeed in their life. I've had the privilege to not only work with Mr. Rhodes, but also have a great friendship with him. He is obviously a hard working, diligent, savvy, trustworthy individual whom I got opportunity to call my mentor." — Perry Opong, Former Student


"I enjoyed studying with Trent and was fascinated by his depth and insightfulness. Trent is wise beyond his years. As a coach, he challenged me into taking a deep look within myself which assisted me in uncovering and discovering the root of my issue. He is very tuned in to his surroundings and will shed light in any situation. He is a fascinating man who is always willing to lend a helping hand." — Helen Rousso, Reiki Master/ Spiritual Life Coach

"Trent has become the voice I needed to guide me to become the best of myself, and to un-scatter chaos." - Rujing Liu

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