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“We need a new breed of celebrity, the kind who is featured on every magazine for their character, intellect and contributions to uplift society. Brands should be created around their persona for causes to eliminate ignorance and increase knowledge. They should attend award shows and win golden statues for dominating the headlines about ways to make the family the root of thriving civilization. They can co-exist with the current entertainment celebrity but make no mistake;there is a difference between entertainment and advancement.” - TR

My drive for personal mastery was nurtured throughout work experience and education. I achieved a bachelor’s degree in business marketing and master’s in management. Also developed Gestalt-style coaching methodology while training with Coaching for Transformation in its 9-month certification program, a Law of Attraction Certification from the Global Sciences Foundation and an Etiquette Consulting Certificate from IAP Career College.


I cultivated professional skill sets and gained experience in higher education departments in 7+ years: Admissions, Student Services, Information Tech, Student Affairs, Career Advisement, Tutoring, Seminar Instruction and Workshop Facilitation. Each sector provided me with adult learning insight, understanding its challenges and ways I could be of service.


Supremacy of Education

An autodidact by nature, I learn through self-directed curriculum and formal educational structure. Life experience = world classroom. My self-education spans physical health to consciousness to technology to science to metaphysics to writing. For me, living is one subject matter that encompasses all of the knowledge around us.




I created MasterLearn to provide educational writing, coaching and (internal) technology so you can develop how to think rather than what to think, with a unique approach to learning from experiences. I support aspirants to activate  talents by learning how to learn, a holistic approach integrating logic and imagination, and character traits that are influential no matter the study. In this ecosystem, you’ll develop career, emotional and mindset skills to live as a contemporary jedi.


With information accessible in more abundance today, we need the skills to direct our cultivation intentionally.

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