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No obligation to

Conform or become the

Average, the mediocre, the

Normalcy of Life, and willing to

Negate all that attempts to

Yank the extraordinary from my grasp

- TR


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"Trent Rhodes and I studied together in the Coaching for Transformation 2011 Cohort. We came together on a regular basis over a nine month period putting into practice the principles and skills we were learning. We have been in touch at different times since then. Trent impressed me with his transparency and integrity. Over the months it was obvious Trent's character was disciplined by his vision to find or help create a community of individuals to help evolve consciousness. I consistently found Trent's participation valuable as it helped me realign with my own life mission. Trent stood out as an individual in the group with outstanding life coaching skills and an open heart to meet everyone where they were at. Trent has many other attributes including but not limited to: articulate speaker, excellent physically fitness and original thinking. Please do not hesitate to contact me for more information or references. Sincerely, Lawrence Carroll"

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