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Interview with Artinect. Read it here.

Interview with Radio for Professionals about my 3-point strategy and services for personal development. Listen below.

Radio for Professionals - Trent Rhodes
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Interview with the InterGifted Coaching Network. Read it here.

Interview with Dr. Fay Maureen on Top of the Morning, about my book The Survive & Thrive Handbook for College Students. Listen below.

Interview with Dr. Faye Maureen - Trent Rhodes
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Passionate Talk episode on Corporate Mindfulness


  • (0:01): Welcome to Passionate Talk

  • (1:12): Benefits of Mindfulness in business

  • (4:45): Trent's path to Mindfulness

  • (8:00): Practices taught in Tae Kwon Do helped developed mindset of how are you going to grow

  • (10:25): What advice would you give to the business person/entrepreneur to center themselves?

  • (13:44): How Trent helps his clients

  • (15:25): Tips to watch your Self Talk

  • (19:45): Mindful Journalling

  • (22:07): Tips to help change core beliefs

  • (23:50): Simple things make the change

  • (27:39): Yellow Chakra

  • (29:57): The importance of taking responsibility for our lives

  • (30:30): How to stop playing the victim

On Corporate Mindfulness - TR
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Metaphysics, Word Power & Career Development Meets Spirituality with Kelly Keefe of HeartSpace

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In this episode, we are joined by Trent Rhodes (@mr.caliber). This episode is filled with using your skill to apply to a formal job of value, career development, contributing something to sow something, and prioritizing and self-care.

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